Stockton Elementary Student Taken to Hospital after Eating Cannabis-Laced Rice Krispies Treat

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STOCKTON – A young student ended up in the hospital after ingesting an edible on a Stockton campus on Tuesday.

“These are kids… they are elementary students,” said Areli Baraza.

Baraza’s seventh-grade nephew told her it happened at Maxine Hong Kingston Elementary School.

“I feel distraught thinking that these kids could be put in a situation where they don’t know about peer pressure, or drugs or how serious they are,” she said.

One student told FOX40 that the edible was a Rice Krispies Treat.

“The scary part about it is that, what if he just intends to hand things out as like a friend and he didn’t even mention that there was something in it,” Baraza questioned.

The Record reported that, according to the Stockton Unified School District, the student was examined by a school nurse and school officials immediately notified that child’s parents. The child was then taken to the hospital by his parents as an extra precaution.

“We feel like they’re not doing enough to protect the students or keep the parents informed because if we didn’t have a nephew who likes to talk to us and tell us everything that is going on in school, we wouldn’t know about it,” Baraza said.

She wants the school to do more to keep drugs off campus.

“They should put something together and tell the students that this is something that is happening, it’s in their environment and what to do if they were to come in contact with it or who to contact,” Baraza stated.

The district sent a statement to our partners at The Record, regarding the incident, it reads in part:

“Stockton Unified takes the health and safety of all students seriously… We are asking parents to have a conversation with their children about the importance of making healthy life choices and not sharing food or drinks with peers.”

Baraza says the school or the district should have alerted all parents and guardians to what happened.

“They’re so young, they’re so young,” she said. “They shouldn’t have to be dealing with this type of thing.”


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