‘God was not through with me’: Stockton hate crime shooting victim released from hospital

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STOCKTON, Calif. (KTXL) — A man who survived a shooting in Stockton, which is being prosecuted as a hate crime, was released from the hospital Tuesday.

Bobby Gayle was all smiles when he first came out, and he told FOX40 that he feels good but what happened to him changed his life.

“I can’t wait to see my kids. Go hold them and hug them,” he said.

Gayle, a father of five, spent 11 days at San Joaquin General Hospital after he was shot seven times. 

He was struck in the face and neck, and he said doctors told him he came within centimeters of either paralysis or death. 

“God was not through with me because I had a lot of love still here to share, but if I had hatred in my heart, I probably wouldn’t have survived. That’s what I believe,” Gayle said.

Gayle was shot Oct. 8 as he finished working outside a Stockton business.

He said, a man in a truck nearly hit him so he told him to slow down.

“He just got out of the truck and said, ‘die n—–, die n—–‘, and just started shooting so when I knew that he was, no, was no bargaining with him,” Gayle recalled. “It was like I seen Satan, and Satan was coming towards me.”

Stockton police arrested 31-year-old Michael Hayes, Oct. 13, for attempted homicide and assault with a firearm, charges with hate crime enhancements. 

“I would want to ask him why? And then why did he call me n——, and what did I do? I never seen him before,” Gayle said.

Hayes was arraigned in court Friday. The Gayle family told FOX40, while they believe in faith and forgiveness, they also believe in justice. 

“I want him to get the max. Yes, I will still pray for his family or whatever, but we need people like that off the street, so I don’t want no part of nothing like that,” Gayle said.

“He shouldn’t be back on the streets, and we should be safe in our society, and he needs to get some recovery. He needs to get some healing himself but definitely we believe that you should get the maximum extent of the law,” said Gayle’s brother, Marlon.

Hayes is expected back in court at the courthouse on Oct. 28. 

Gayle told FOX40 he hopes to write a book about his experience and overcoming hate. 

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