Stockton man demands transparency one year after being allegedly beaten inside San Joaquin County Jail

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STOCKTON, Calif. (KTXL) – A Stockton man is demanding accountability and a transparent investigation one year after he says he was brutally beaten by correctional officers inside San Joaquin County Jail.

In a press conference outside of the San Joaquin County Jail, Jacob Servin recounted the night he says correctional officers made racist remarks as they beat him in a holding cell. 

“It has been one year since these deputies, with a duty to keep the peace, went beyond all means of protection and viciously beat me nearly to death. True crimes such as this can never be reasoned or justified,” Servin said.

Servin and his supporters are calling for the officers involved to be publicly named, arrested and charged for using excessive force, along with other demands.

“These are state-employed workers, which means our tax dollars are funding their pension,” Servin said. “We are done funding hate and we are done funding discrimination and abuse of authority to the people of our communities.”

Last December, Servin was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication outside a Stockton bar. 

Once at the jail, surveillance video shows Servin being escorted into a holding cell where, due to federal law, there were no cameras inside at the time.

Shortly after the incident, the district attorney’s office, in conjunction with Stockton police, began a critical incident protocol investigation into what happened inside that cell.

“We’re waiting to, like the rest of the public, for the district attorney to release a finding in this case,” said San Joaquin County Sheriff Pat Withrow.

Withrow says his deputies cooperated fully with the investigation.

He also had cameras installed in those holding cells after receiving a waiver. 

He says none of the officers involved have been disciplined.

“No, if someone attacks our officers, they will not be disciplined for defending themselves,” Withrow told FOX40.

The DA’s office declined to press charges against Servin shortly after the incident. He was originally facing multiple misdemeanors.

A year later, the blood and bruises are no longer visible but Servin’s mother, Angelina Ramirez, said they’ll never be forgotten. 

“They pounded him, stomped him, kicked him and punched him directly in his face, causing severe injuries, physically and psychologically,” Ramirez said. “These wounds can never be healed.”

Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs tweeted about the investigation into Servin’s allegations Wednesday.

“A year later community members are asking for justice and basics like the officer’s names and needed reforms like a community oversight commission. I am in complete agreement,” Tubbs tweeted in part.

When reached for comment, the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office sent the following statement to FOX40:

The Officer-Involved Critical Incident (OICI) investigation is not officially completed. This Office has been in contact with Mr. Servins’ attorney in attempt to have Mr. Servin interviewed by the OICI investigators. We have made repeated requests for an interview and of this date, Mr. Servin has not agreed to give OICI investigators a formal statement. 

The statute of limitations for any misdemeanor committed by any of the parties involved has run. 

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