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STOCKTON — Shak Khan thought his surveillance system had just captured a car hitting his parked Honda Wednesday, but soon he realized this video was the end of something much, much worse.

“Two minutes before he talked to me, cheery, smiles said goodbye and the next minute I seen him dead,” said Khan.

The “him” Khan was talking about is Anthony Quismondo, the friendly customer he got to know at his shop, American Smokers Club.

“I still … I couldn’t sleep for the last two days after what I seen and still, and I wish, wish that I was there to save him, that I could do something,” he said.

Do something about what happened to the 42-year-old just minutes after he walked out of Khan’s store.

In the video, Quismondo can be seen by a sidewalk planter in a black T-shirt and jean shorts. Moments later, after he got into his car in the side parking lot at Waterloo and Newport, investigators say he was shot by Alejandro Ruvacalba.

San Joaquin County Sheriff’s deputies have taken the part of Khan’s surveillance video that shows their interaction once Quismondo got into his car next to where Ruvacalba was parked with a friend.

Khan says the kind father of three tried to sell his now-accused killer the pair of sneakers he had just turned down when he stopped by the shop.

“He offered the suspects if they want to buy shoes. They say no, you know, give us the shoes and they took out their gun,” Kahn said.

Khan says they told Quismondo’s passenger to get out of the car and then a wounded Quismondo tried to speed away.

But bleeding from what would be a fatal gunshot wound and only having one arm, he lost control of his car and crashed. Fellow customers rushed to bring towels to try and stop his bleeding.

One man was willing to describe the moment but didn’t want to be identified.

“I couldn’t believe it and then I saw him over there and he was just leaking. I didn’t know what to do, called 911, tried to get some rags or something,” he said. “We’re all going to miss him. He was a good person.”

As candles burned and new signage screams the virtues of that good person, deputies say a fleeing Ruvacalba, who’d been running since the shooting, crashed his car on Keys Road Thursday.

He supposedly told someone who tried to help that he was wanted and armed and then ran off.

“I don’t want to ever see this happening again to anybody you know,” said Khan.

“Who’s going to be next? You know what’s gonna happen? What business is going to be next?  Because people are carrying guns like toys and shooting around Stockton and killing the public like animals. Somebody’s got to step up to this and stop this.”

Stockton Crime Stoppers has put up a $10,000 reward for info that leads to Ruvacalba’s arrest.

One other thing that may help bring him in?

A facial distinction. He only has one eye. His right eye is not functional.