Stockton Marina Turns Green with Harmful Algae

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STOCKTON — Patches of green sludge float in the water and collect in the corners of the Stockton Marina.

The water west of the Interstate 5 overpass to the end of McLeod Lake in downtown Stockton was green with algae Sunday.

“I don’t notice an odor to it but it’s just this swirling slime on top of and down in the water,” said David Phillips.

Phillips lives on his boat at the Stockton Marina and told FOX40 he’s frustrated with the bright green waters that have been festering in the Delta for weeks.

“We have such a beautiful marina. It’s one of the most picturesque views in Stockton and people aren’t using it or coming here because the water is almost unnaturally green,” he said.

The California State Water Resources Control Board says it’s a harmful alga bloom called cyanobacteria and they’re warning people and pets to stay out of the water.

“When we first saw the water it was a big surprise. We were here two weeks ago and it looked like the normal Delta river but with the algae bloom it’s just amazing how it’s changed in just a short time,” said boater Tim Brennan.

Marina residents said the bubble system that is supposed to circulate the water at the head of the Stockton Deep Water Channel isn’t working.

“The city has a bubbler but they’re not functioning right now and they haven’t been for some weeks,” Phillips explains.

According to The Record, the city of Stockton says they’ve already contracted with a company to send divers into the murky waters to find out the exact cause of the problem and how best to fix it.

Marina residents said Sunday they don’t feel like the city is moving fast enough to fix the problem.

“Don’t forget about the people at the marina and it’s just not for us. It’s for all in Stockton,” Phillips said.

Despite the slimy, green sludge floating around, some boaters said it won’t keep them off the Delta.

“It’s a beautiful day on the water and hopefully other boaters are out enjoying it as well,” Brennan said.

The California State Water Resources Control Board is urging anyone who plans to be out on the water to practice safe water habits. To learn how to protect your family and pets from algae blooms you can visit the California Water Quality Monitoring Council’s website for more information.


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