Stockton neighbors speak out over street bump markings vandalized into ‘Trump’ markings

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STOCKTON, Calif. (KTXL) – Neighborhood streets vandalized with the president’s name left Stockton residents with mixed feelings.

Someone altered the road surface markings around Nelson Park in Stockton’s Brookside neighborhood from “BUMP” to “TRUMP.”

Brookside resident Sofia Guitierrez-Olvera was one of many who noticed the new paint job while out on her walk Tuesday morning. 

“When I see it, I just think of like racism and hatred,” Guiteirrez-Olivera told FOX40. “I just think that it’s wrong.”

“I could see how that would make someone feel unsafe in their own community and I don’t, I don’t think that’s OK,” said Brookside resident Nicole Sacco. “We have a good, diverse community and I think showing that we support Trump isn’t representative of this community.”

The city said seven different road markings were vandalized overnight. 

While some people were offended, others like Scott Maisch thought the Trump “BUMPS” were funny. 

“I thought it was very creative. I wish I would have thought of it myself, matter of fact,” Maisch said.

He called it a harmless prank and said he wishes they would stay.

“I’m a Trump supporter, obviously, this is great. I think it’s fantastic. Four more years, baby!” Maisch said.

But the city said the vandalized road markings are a safety hazard that could distract drivers.

By Tuesday morning, crews were already out repainting them.

“There’s a lot of other priorities too but it’s good that they discourage people from doing it by not leaving it there for a week or two or a month,” said another resident.


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