Stockton Officer Placed on Leave After Issuing Citation

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It’s not about this $300 ticket Motecuzoma Sanchez received, it’s about what he sees as a misuse of power and police intimidation.

“If they’re willing to go this far for something so small as a Facebook debate, who is to say what else when nobody is looking or nobody has the evidence to prove otherwise?” said Sanchez, who is a community activist.

Sanchez is also vocal critic of the Stockton Police Department. He said on Christmas Eve he took those criticisms to Facebook and was attacked by several officers after expressing his opinion on the social media site.

He said some of the officers even resorted to name-calling.

“That I would be filing a complaint because I felt his behavior was unbecoming of an officer,” Sanchez said.

But at 1 a.m., on December 26, before he could even file the complaint, Sanchez wound up with a $300 ticket for parking an unregistered car in a public space.

Problem is, his car hasn’t been working since October. It has been parked in his private driveway since then with the back of it flush against the garage.

“That immediately led me to suspect that, in fact, I was being targeted,” he said.

The man who signed the ticket, Officer Aaron Adams, is a four-year veteran and a K9 officer.

When Sanchez saw the ticket, he said he immediately filed a formal complaint — the Stockton Police Department launched an investigation and Sanchez said he received word his ticket has been tossed out.

“I no longer have to worry about the ticket, they have been able to, based on the evidence, determine that this ticket was illegally issued,” Sanchez said.

Although Sanchez still has concerns with how the department is run, he’s at least happy with how they’ve handled what he sees as an abuse of power.

“The way they’re handling this investigation, that shows me that this is something they take very serious,” he said.

Adams has been placed on paid administrative leave.

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