STOCKTON, Calif. (KTXL) — Officers shot and killed a man Wednesday night after he fired a gun in the parking lot of the Stockton police station.

Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones said the man parked a car around 8 p.m. Wednesday outside of the Stockton Police Department Operations Building on East Market Street.

Jones said the man sat in his car for “a number of minutes” before he got out and began firing indiscriminately with a Colt handgun toward the parking lot and the police building.

Police said six officers walked out of the Operations Building to confront the man, who was screaming and shirtless. 

The man complied with officers’ orders to get on the ground, but police said he refused to drop his gun. 

Then, police said the man stood back up and pointed the handgun at the officers before running at them.

At that point, Chief Jones said five of the officers shot the man.

The man was struck and later pronounced dead at the scene after police said officers tried life-saving measures.

Jones expressed gratitude Thursday that no officers were injured.

“This is a very unusual, unique, disturbing event that happened last night,” said Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones. “For an individual to come specifically to the police department in his vehicle and begin firing recklessly in the air, possibly at other objects within the parking lot, is just, again, highly unusual, disturbing. It shows the extreme dangers of law enforcement.”

The man has not been identified by officials.

Stockton police said its five officers, identified as Nicole Williams, Nicholas Frayer, Hao Tran, Seth Powell and Ruben Rillon, have been placed on three-day paid administrative leave.

East Market Street was still closed Thursday morning between El Dorado and South Center streets. Jones said it will remain closed for several more hours. 

The investigation is ongoing.