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STOCKTON, Calif. (KTXL) — The Stockton Police Department released body camera footage of an officer shooting and killing a driver after she rammed his patrol car multiple times back in February.

In a video released on the department’s YouTube page Thursday, the officer involved in the shooting was identified as Kyle Ribera. Body camera footage shows Ribera shooting at the suspect’s vehicle in the area of South Roberts and Rolerson roads, just outside of Weston Ranch. 

The video also has stoplight footage from the city of Stockton and radio communications between officers and the dispatch center. 

On Feb. 22 at around 2:08 p.m, Stockton police said an officer stopped at a red light at Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard and Interstate 5 facing westbound. Police said a gray vehicle struck the officer’s car and drove northbound on the I-5 on-ramp. 

Camera footage shows the vehicle driving north against traffic on South Center Street, which is a one-way street. The footage later shows the vehicle driving between an officer’s patrol car and another white vehicle at the Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard stoplight.

In the footage, the officer attempts to follow the car but tells dispatch that he lost sight of it after the driver made an illegal U-turn and went westbound toward Charter Way.

According to police, the officer notified dispatch that the suspected driver was possibly a Black man in his 50s who may have been under the influence. But police later identified the driver as Tracy Gaeta, a 54-year-old woman. 

Police said a city operator aired on the radio that the vehicle ran a red light before officer Ribera found it at Charter Way and South Roberts Road.

According to the radio communications in the video, Ribera tells dispatch that the pursuit went eastbound on Rolerson and Roberts roads and they were heading to a dead end. 

Once the driver stops, body camera footage shows Ribera getting out of his patrol car, pointing his gun and telling the driver “hands up.” 

The video then shows the driver backing into the patrol car and Ribera notifies over his radio that he was being rammed. 

The officer gets out of his car again and fires multiple shots at the back of the vehicle, according to the body camera footage. 

The footage shows the driver attempting to drive off and Ribera firing even more shots, this time in the left passenger window. The driver backs up toward the patrol car and Ribera shoots again at the suspect’s window. 

Ribera requests for medics in the footage after the vehicle was stopped. Police said when additional officers arrived, they pulled the driver from the car and began life-saving measures.

After medics arrived at the scene, officers said Gaeta was transported to the hospital where she later died from her injuries. 

Officers said Ribera received medical treatment for a head and hand injury. 

Police said a multi-agency investigation involving local and state officials is being conducted.