STOCKTON, Calif. (KTXL) — On Thursday, a group of men and women met on the steps of Stockton City Hall to hold a vigil for those lost in the mass shootings that have occurred this year.

Among that group is a survivor of the 1989 Cleveland School Shooting in Stockton and a parent who lost their to gun related violence in 2017.

For Lecia Harrison of Be Smooth Inc, these vigils allow the memory of those lost to gun violence to stay alive and to not be forgotten.

White roses were placed on the front steps of city hall and a moment of silence was held shortly after.

“2022, I’m sorry, it’s painful, I can’t believe we’re still here…,” Niki Smith of Cleveland School Remembers said. “Still holding theses vigils… Still trying to get people to make a difference.”

Every year this community gets together to mourn, remember their loved ones and to recounting the moments they experienced gun violence.

“How long are we going to cry from a distance as the blood of innocent children and people continues to spill on the souls of this land?,” asked Faith in the Valley member Toni McNeil. “We demand long term sustainable funding for all, not some all, not just the city, all data driven gun violence reduction strategies and programs.”