Stockton, residents working on what should replace Van Buskirk Golf Course

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STOCKTON, Calif. (KTXL) — The Van Buskirk Golf Course, which was once thought of as the crown jewel of South Stockton, sits empty and abandoned after the city permanently closed it down two years ago. 

“It’s definitely dry; there’s no life at all,” said Pandora Crowder. “You don’t hear anything over here anymore.” 

Crowder is the president of the Conway Homes Resident Council and lives near the now-vacant property. 

“It’s definitely become a desolate land,” Crowder told FOX40. 

She says Conway residents are eager for the city to do something with the land. 

“We want a whole, a whole life approach. We want to be able to bring in all of the community and not just single out our youth, because our youth is very important, but our seniors’ health, especially after this pandemic, is so massively important as well,” Crowder said. 

The city of Stockton hired a consulting firm to get community input about how to transform the eyesore into an open space for all to enjoy. 

“The city is conducting listening sessions to kind of get a deeper sense of what the community would like to see with this. I think it’s about 230 acres of land,” said Councilwoman Kimberly Warmsley. 

Warmsley says the land was given to the city by the Van Buskirk family as long as it is used for community recreation. 

“I would like to see any type of projects expedited. We can no longer just allow this golf course just to sit un-utilized,” Warmsley said. 

Both Warmsley and Crowder are encouraging people in the neighborhood to get involved and share their thoughts on what they would like to have in that space.

“You’re going to be much more proud of what you have if you’ve helped create it,” Crowder said. 

The city says any construction is still years away, but they are in the process of applying for state funding. They plan to have more listening sessions in the future to get more community input. 

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