STOCKTON, Calif. (KTXL) — The mayor of Stockton credited the residents of the Central Valley city with the capture of the suspected serial killer that is accused of shooting six people in Stockton and one in Oakland, attributing the arrest to the hundreds of tips that were sent to police. 

“We made clear through this process that it’s important that our public shares the responsibility of keeping us safe,” Kevin Lincoln said to FOX40 News on Monday, two days after the announcement of the arrest. 

In a Saturday afternoon news conference, Lincoln and other city and law enforcement officials announced the arrest of Wesley Brownlee, 43, in a series of killings that rattled several California communities. 

Five deadly shootings that occurred in Stockton between July and September of this year were linked. Later, two shootings from April 2021 were also linked; a shooting in Oakland that resulted in a death, and a shooting in Stockton where the victim survived. 

“It was an immense concern for the city of Stockton,” said Lincoln, who has been mayor since 2021. 

“The City of Stockton is resilient, there’s a grit here,” he continued. “When faced with a crisis, we unite.”

At the Saturday news conference, law enforcement credited the hundreds of tips that came in since early October, when the city’s police department first began investigating the series of killings. 

Stockton Police created a QR code and a special website for the public to submit photo and video evidence. 

The local community responded to the call for help, something that Lincoln said was crucial to capturing the suspect. 

“We can’t protect the community without the help of the people,” he said.