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Oct. 14, 2022 @ 6:10 a.m.

The Stockton Police Department has confirmed there is no connection between the Stockton Killings Suspect and a killings suspect in Chicago.

“We did our due diligence reaching out to Chicago PD based off the videos we have seen of their suspect.   At this time though, we do not have anything linking the two investigations,” Stockton Police Department Officer Joseph Silva said.

STOCKTON, Calif. (KTXL) — Stockton Police said they are in touch with authorities in Chicago to see if two killings that happened in 2018 could be connected to the ones in California. 

According to police, the possible connection is through the person of interest law enforcement identified. When Stockton Police released video of the person of interest, Chief Stanley McFadden pointed out two distinguishing characteristics. 

McFadden noted the person’s uneven stride and how upright their posture was in the video.

Those characteristics were reportedly noticed in a person suspected in two 2018 Chicago killings. According to the Chicago Tribune, the killings happened on the morning of Sept. 30, 2018 and on the night of Oct. 1, 2018. 

Stockton Officer Joe Silva said they received a tip about the person in the video being similar to the one in Stockton. Silva said everything is preliminary, and they have reached out to other police stations as well to do their “due diligence.” 

However, he did say the movement was similar to one captured in Stockton: hands in pockets and the pace and movement of the walk.