Stockton Shelter for the Homeless in Financial Pinch Due to Fewer Donations

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STOCKTON — This winter, several homeless people may be turned away from a Stockton shelter.

The CEO of the Stockton Shelter for the Homeless said they are in a financial pinch because donations are down by around $250,000.

Callie Earp said she and her two young boys have often found themselves on the streets of Stockton. But with the help of the Stockton Shelter for the Homeless, Earp said she now has help, hope and a chance.

“This time around, they’ve really put a hand out there for me and got me the help that I needed,” she told FOX40.

Stockton Shelter for the Homeless CEO JoLyn McMillan said the resources to families such as Earp’s are made possible in large part because of numerous small donations.

However, they’re now facing a dilemma.

“We’re the last stop for many people here in San Joaquin County,” McMillan explained. “So, the fact that we could have to turn people away is heartbreaking not only to me but to my line staff.”

McMillan said many factors have led to this shortfall.

“The write-offs that people used to get for smaller amounts of giving are no longer,” McMillan said. “They can’t write it off anymore. So, I think that that’s played a primary role.”

And it’s not just homeless shelters. A University of the Pacific professor told FOX40 organizations that depend on smaller contributions could be feeling the pinch.

Eberhardt School of Business Associate Dean Cynthia Eakin said without that write-off, other organizations such as churches could be impacted.

“The long-term solution is to allow people some benefit in some way for donating and doing the things that government is going to have to pick up and do otherwise,” she said.

McMillan said her staff is now looking for grants and other ways to raise money.

“When money is donated to the shelter, it’s not throwing money away. We actually have programs that work with our families and our men,” McMillan said.

As for Earp, she will start a new job Tuesday. Once she and her boys build a new foundation, she said she plans to give back.

“If we weren’t here, we would probably be in a tent somewhere like the rest of these people,” she told FOX40. “So I never take for granted what I have.”

The CEO of the shelter added they hope to raise the funding they need next month when they host their Festival of International Cuisine event on Oct. 12 at 6 p.m. Call the shelter at 209-465-3612 and ask for Elizabeth to purchase tickets or to sponsor the event.


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