STOCKTON, Calif. (KTXL) — Stockton Police said a man shot and killed an intruder who entered the backyard of the home where he looks after a senior neighbor over the weekend

While the investigation is ongoing, police said it’s believed the shooting was justified.

“I’ve called him my hero,” Dr. Robert Browne said.

Browne, who is in his 90s and just had a birthday, said he is lucky to be alive. His caretaker was fixing the television when he spotted an intruder going into Browne’s backyard Saturday evening. 

“He ran other there to tell him to get out of here you know,” Browne recalled.

That’s when he said the situation quickly escalated. 

“So, while he was there, the individual, pulled out a gun and said I’m not leaving and pointed it at him,” Browne told FOX40.

But the caretaker shot the intruder first. 

“The caretaker fearing for his safety, shot the man and then went inside the house and called 911 for help,” Joe Silva, with Stockton police, said.

Silva said officers immediately responded to the shooting on the 3200 block of Allston Way.  

“Officers and the medics arrived, and the medics transported the man to an area hospital where he ended up dying from his injuries,” Silva said.

According to police, no other injuries were reported. 

“Even though this is still an active investigation, we still need people to come forward with information, but at this point, it appears to be a justifiable homicide,” Silva said. 

Dr. Browne, who is still practicing medicine after more than 60 years, said he’s thankful his caretaker jumped into action to save both their lives. 

“This is a good example of a good American taking care of another good American,” Browne said.

Stockton police said the intruder appears to have been homeless. Detectives are working to identify him.