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STOCKTON — A teen boy was pistol-whipped and robbed for his designer jeans.

His mother says it happened on Swain and Alexandria Place in Stockton on Monday afternoon.

“It just makes me feel unsafe now, and I know he feels unsafe,” Diana Vielma, the boy’s mother says.

She’s upset and  frightened after her 15-year-old son was robbed and pistol-whipped. She asked us to hide her face for fear of retaliation.

“Now it just makes me very weary of where he goes,” she said.

Vielma says her son was walking to a friend’s house at the Alexandria Bridge in Stockton. He stopped by to check out the water and was approached by a man in his 20s.

“And he asked him, ‘Are those True Religion pants you have on?’ He said, ‘yes,'” she said.

Vielma explains the robber then mumbled something under his breath.

“And my son wasn’t sure what he said so he turned around so he hit him in the face with the gun,” she said.

Her son was shocked, bleeding and confused. The robber warned him again.

“My son said he was in disbelief like ‘oh really?’ and he says, ‘yes, if you try anything there’s more people on top of the bridge and we will do something to you,’” she said.

She says her son handed the robber the jeans. All he had was a jacket that he borrowed from a friend to tie around his waist. He walked home in his underwear.

Vielma is upset that no one stopped to help.

“If you see a kid that has blood and is in underwear … you would at least think people would stop to look,” she said.

As for her son, she says she wants him to feel safe, like a normal kid. She asked him to never wear designer clothes again.

“Matter of fact [the jeans] weren’t even his. He had borrowed them from somebody. I personally can’t afford stuff like that,” she said.

The family has reported the robbery to the police department. This afternoon the boy spoke to detectives.

If you have any information about this robbery please contact the Stockton Police Department.