Stockton to Apply for State Grant to Renovate City Parks

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STOCKTON — Right now, Anderson Park in North Stockton is known for its skate park and not much else.

There’s only one swing, and other playground equipment is missing; what’s left is old and outdated.

Brendan Conradi says he walks by the park every day.

“I lived here since I was five and I used to play here all the time,” he said.

He says it’s in desperate need of a makeover so kids can enjoy the park like he once did.

“The wood platforms are really old. The slides are metal and can get really hot in the summer so it would be better for kids to slide down something that doesn’t burn them,” Conradi said.

The city is in the process of applying for a state grant that would give them up to $8 million to renovate the park which could include a brand-new playground, shade structures and even playground equipment for special needs kids.

“What we want to do is really just engage the residents and get people out to the park. Activate the park,” said Stockton’s Park Sections Project Manager, Susan Christy.

The city says they’re looking for feedback from the public about what else should be included at the park.

“The really cool part is that neighborhood residents get to pick out what they want in their park,” Christy said.

FOX40 asked the city if it’s worth it to re-do one park when the city can barely afford to maintain the ones they already have.

“Because the money is there and it would be a shame to not use it,” Christy responded.

The city says they will keep the cost of maintenance in mind when deciding what to include in the park’s redesign.

“We do not provide the service level like we would want to at this time with trees and parks,” Christy explained. “Unfortunately, just due to the limited budget there’s not enough money for everything in Stockton. But replacing a playground with a playground doesn’t necessarily cost you more maintenance.”

The city has to turn in their grant applications by August and should know by the end of the year if they’ll get the money.

If they’re awarded the money, Anderson Park’s renovation is expected to be completed by 2021.

Anderson Park is just one of three parks the city of Stockton is applying for grants to renovate. The other two are Columbus Park and McKinley Park.

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