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STOCKTON, Calif. (KTXL) — Residents in Stockton could be fined if they don’t follow designated water days after the Stockton City Council passed an ordinance earlier this week. 

On Tuesday, the city council voted unanimously to adopt a resolution and declare a Stage 2 Two water shortage emergency. The ordinance is in response to water conservation regulations enacted by the California State Water Resources Control Board, which into effect on June 10. 

The city’s water conservation ordinance officially went into effect Wednesday. 

Stockton residents are urged to reduce their water usage by 20% and are required to follow the city’s water days. The city’s ordinance also prohibits irrigation of non-functional turf at commercial, industrial, and institutional sites. 

The city’s water schedule differs for residents who live in odd and even-numbered addresses. 

Here is the following water schedule that Stockton residents are required to follow,, according to the city’s website: 

Odd numbered addresses

  • Sunday — No watering
  • Monday — No watering
  • Tuesday — Water
  • Wednesday — No watering
  • Thursday — No watering
  • Friday — No watering
  • Saturday — Water

Even numbered addresses

  • Sunday — Water
  • Monday — No watering
  • Tuesday — No water
  • Wednesday — Water
  • Thursday — No water
  • Friday — No water
  • Saturday — No water

The city’s water restrictions include guidelines on washing cars, water leaks and swimming pools. 

Officials are urging residents to repair their water leaks, broken sprinklers, or any type of malfunction within their water system within 24 hours of being discovered or receiving a notice.

As people wash their cars, washing is only permitted with a shut-off nozzle and on assigned waterways. The guideline is also to keep soapy water from flowing into gutters and storm drains. 

People with swimming pools are not allowed to drain or refill their pool from June 1 to October 1, except for the protection of public health or safety. 

Those who violate the city’s guidelines could face a fine or surcharge of $100 per day if they continue to break the conservation rules after they’ve been issued a notice. 

Residents can report water waste online or by calling 866-786-5987.