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Water under a carpet leaves a stinch of pond scum and fungus so large you would expect to see it outdoors not in a bedroom.

Martha Mason says mold and roaches has been a problem in her Stockton apartment on Flora Drive since she and her daughter moved in six months ago.

But when she complained to her landlord, she says he issued her a 30 day eviction for noise complaints.

“Everyday I put a towel on the floor and it gets everything more and more soaked”

Sot: I think the reason why is because we kept complaining and he didn’t want to fix it.

The landlord says he didn’t learn about the mold until today but Mason says she has called dozens of times but he doesn’t get back.

“We ask him to fix things like rodents and roaches and he hasn’t fixed anything since I’ve been here.”

It wasn’t until last week that she says the landlord had someone look at a leak in the bathroom that caused the mold, but the job was apparently never finished.

“It was a big bubble of some kind of contaminating water dripping from the top. They came and opened it and left it do now it is worse,” Mason told FOX40.

Mason says she and her daughter have been getting sick because of the mold the City of Stockton inspected after Martha made a complaint.

Now, the landlord says a new carpet is on its way but Mason still faces an eviction and was initially told she wouldn’t get her deposit back.

“I’m not doing this for myself but for everyone who has a slumlord in their life,” Mason said.

The city says the landlord was given a citation. He has five days to fix the water damage and 30 days fix damage in the bathroom.