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STOCKTON — A Stockton family has been fighting for the truth in their son’s 2015 homicide.

The Joyce house is full of laughter, love and memories. But there’s also heartache.

“Someone that had a hateful heart. I just, I don’t even… I’m lost for words on that. I have no idea,” said Rhonda Joyce.

Joyce says back on Dec. 23, 2015, someone killed her son Derwin “DJ” Joyce on Knickerbocker Drive in Stockton. She said someone robbed her family of their selfless, fun loving, big-hearted son.

“He was my protector. He always made sure I was OK and I was safe,” Joyce said.

There is still very little known about his murder. The only clue is a dark gray, four-door SUV seen at the crime scene by a witness.

“Just say something, do something,” said Theresa Saunders, Derwin Joyce’s aunt. “Just don’t let it go by ‘cause it can be one of yours.”

Family members say a picture reveals who may have been involved in the homicide. It shows Derwin Joyce standing in front of a gray car and loved ones believe the owner of the car knows something about that day.

While the family reminisces and finds joy despite the pain, they also gathered Monday to celebrate his life. They say he would have turned 40 this year on the 27, and if it wasn’t for his murder they would be planning a big party.

“Oh, yes, DJ would have loved that, with all the cakes and food,” Joyce said. “He never had a favorite dish because all the dishes was his favorites.”

Without answers they take comfort in their belief the person responsible will have to answer to a higher power.

“They can go ahead and keep hiding but God will see them and eventually they are gonna have to come out,” said his aunt Anita Gonzalez.

There is a $10,000 reward in this cold case. If you know anything about the murder and if you would like to remain anonymous please contact Crime Stoppers.