(KTXL) — A lawsuit has been filed against the Stockton Unified School District and Stagg High School Principal Brett Toliver by the parents of 15-year-old Alycia Reynaga, a student who was stabbed by an intruder on a school campus in April 2022 and later died.

The lawsuit claims the district and school administrators were negligent, and that proper security measures were not taken even though the district regularly dealt with violent events on campus.

The lawsuit claims that the gate to the campus was unlocked on the day of the attack and that the entrance was unsupervised, as well as claims that district officials did not increase security protocols after an earlier stabbing of a student on a SUSD campus in 2019 and dozens of calls to police about trespassers onto campuses in the previous decade.

In April 2022, Stockton Police and the school district said the intruder, 52-year-old Anthony Gray, drove into Stagg High School’s parking lot before entering the campus and killing Reynaga.

Following the attack, the district doubled the number of officers at all school sites for the week. Officers with the Stockton Police Department also increased patrols around the schools.

Gray was later ruled not competent to stand trial, and a hearing on his case is set for May in San Joaquin County Superior Court.

On March 30, the school district issued a statement about Reynaga’s death and the security measures put in place following the campus intrusion.

“The Stockton Unified School District District shares in the deep loss of Alycia Reynaga,” the district wrote. “Our deep condolences remain with her family, friends, school family and community. The district has extended fences around the campus, has a security guard at the entrance during school hours, and has added extra Campus Security Monitors.”