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Mayor Anthony Silva says the allegations about an incident between him and a 19-year-old woman aren’t true.

“There’s no place for slander. People think because you run for office, you stick out your neck, that it’s okay. But it’s still not okay,” Silva said.

The woman claimed that in the summer of 2011, Silva offered her alcohol and asked her to do some cleaning.  The location of that encounter was removed from the police report, which the woman filed a year later.

It reads, “At some point he sat on his bed, waved her to come to him, then grabbed her and pulled her across his lap. He then spanked her buttocks several times and told her that she was being a ‘bad girl’.”

Silva is the director of the Boys and Girls Club, where they were told the woman was a former employee who was reportedly terminated.

Following an investigation by police and the DA’s office, no charges were filed.

“Pretty nasty email went out about me,” Silva said.

Silva was targeted in another incident. The author put out a lot of private information, including Silva’s Social Security Number. The mayor is working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the District Attorney’s office to identify the culprit.

“By people doing stuff like this, trying to make accusations that have no merit, all it does is distract my ability to help the residents of Stockton,” Silva said.