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There’s a certain charm to Stockton. A rugged, urban beauty that some appreciate.

“Everybody is nice and friendly,” said news Stockton resident Tanya Carter.

“We have a lot of wise individuals here,” business owner Leticia Thompson said.

But neighbors acknowledge the 13th largest city in California also has its fair share of issues.

“It needs a lot of work. A lot of it,” said Fidel Baca, who has lived in Stockton since the ’70s.

With the problems, come potential solutions. Like the latest idea from Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva.

“Well I’m looking to accomplish two things. The first thing is I’m looking for deterrents and the second thing I’m looking for presence,” Silva said.

He wants to open police annexes in high crime neighborhoods.

“We can staff it with community service officers or we can also staff it with professional private security,” he told FOX40.

People we spoke with agree.

“If they see more police, you know, it might make ’em, like you know, not want to do those things anymore,”Stockton resident Catresa Parquet said.

“Might be a good idea to keep people away from doing stuff,” Stockton resident Antwanique White said.

However, with staffing shortages, the police chief has said previously that he doesn’t agree.

Chief Eric Jones said that with today’s technology their police cars run like substations.

Visit Stockton also unveiled a new slogan and logo for the city. “Stockton — stocked full of flavor.”

“Um… no. Stocked full of flavor would… no! Because it’s boring, it’s no flavor!” White said candidly.

“I think it’s an awesome logo and it’s prime time to use it,” Carter enthusiastically said.

“Yeah, no comment,” Baca said.

The CEO of Visit Stockton wrote in an email that the new branding “will differentiate Stockton in the highly competitive tourism market.”

They also hope it will encourage potential visitors to take a second look at a city that is rich with history, culture and potential changes.