STOP Gets a Hold of 18,000 Signatures Funded by Chris Hansen

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The group opposed to the public arena subsidy, Sacramento Taxpayers Opposed to Pork (or STOP), says they’ve obtained the 18,000 signatures collected by Momentum Political Services, which a contribution from Chris Hansen payed for.

Hansen was once a prospective buyer for the Sacramento Kings, with a plan to move them to Seattle and rebrand them as the Supersonics. The NBA voted down the Kings’ relocation, effectively killing Hansen’s chances of owning the team.

“These petitions represent the will of 18,000 people who took the time to provide their signatures and express their desire to put this tax subsidy to a vote,” Julian Camacho, president of STOP, said in a news release. “We believe it would be wrong, ethically and legally, to deny them that right.”

Hansen and two associates were fined by the Fair Political Practices Commission, for not properly disclosing the donation in a timely manner.

The group needs 22,000 signatures to put whether or not to use public land for a new arena on a ballot. They have until December to do so.

Arena proponents argue that the signatures were collected illegally.


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