Storage Container Behind Carmichael School Contains Decades-Old Capitol Artifacts

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CARMICHAEL — Tucked away in the back of a Carmichael school for the developmentally disabled, there is a large storage container.

“It’s been relatively untouched, just kind of day by day for the past 50 some odd years,” said Mike Madrid, the president of the foundation for the Developmental Disabilities Service Organization.

Inside was an array of artifacts from a 1970s reconstruction project at the state Capitol.

“Ceiling medallions, actual wood doors, some of them going back to the late 1800s,” Madrid told FOX40. “It’s literally a time capsule.”

Madrid said he recently stumbled upon the container sitting in the back of the school, only to find there were tiles, doors and other artifacts from the Capitol hidden inside.

“There has been staff members who were aware that there was something from the Capitol that has been kind of sitting here,” Madrid said.

Architect John Worsley, a friend of former Senator Allen Short and his wife, became the president of the Developmental Disabilities Service Organization back in the 1970s.

He said Worsley saved the artifacts from being dumped by storing them in the container behind the school.

“Happened to be the same time he was overseeing construction and he just sort of had the vision and the foresight. And was probably hoping that at some point this would be opened up and people would discover it,” Madrid explained.

While staff members worked to piece together each artifact Madrid said he was happy the little piece of California history was found just in the nick of time.

“We happened to come across it at the same time that the Capitol was beginning renovations on a new restoration project,” Madrid said.

Madrid said he’s hoping to work with the state to incorporate some of the recovered artifacts in the new restoration.

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