KINGVALE, Calif. (KTXL) — A late-season storm created hazardous conditions in the Sierra Thursday morning.

Caltrans is requiring vehicles traveling on I-80 between Nyack and Truckee to have snow chains.

The requirement also applies to vehicles traveling on Highway 50 between Kyburz and Myers.

Vehicles with snow tires operating in four-wheel drive are exempt from the requirement.

Caltrans said drivers who need to travel through the affected areas should expect delays.

“Drive safe. We already know we’re going to be late because your GPS is saying yeah, we’re already going to be late, so we’re good. We’re good on that,” said driver Kelli Corin who passing through on a business trip.

The California Highway Patrol temporarily closed I-80 several times throughout the day as it responded to a number of accidents including a jackknifed tractor-trailer and several spinouts. Despite the hazardous conditions, CHP says there were no serious injuries.

“It was a little bit scary. I breathed and prayed, and God got me down,” said driver Tina Smith. “So far scary. It’s wet and slippery. So far on the 80, we got stopped because of car accidents. So cautious, cautious, very cautious. Listen, run like a turtle while you drive. That’s my advice to everybody.”

Smith’s passenger Kiara Tim enjoyed getting to see the winter weather up close.

“This is my second time in my whole life seeing snow. So of course, I got my slides on. I’m [inaudible] with the snow. I like it. It’s not too bad,” said Tim.