String of Burglaries has Natomas Neighborhood on Edge

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Strange noises first let Lorraine Pellegrino know she’d been targeted by burglars — again.

“I heard two sounds …the first couldn’t really make out what the sound was, but what I recognized was glass shattering,” Pellergrino said.

Shattered right along with it was the sense of security Pellegrino and her 7-year-old felt in their own home.

Some of the damage done by vandals in Natomas has been boarded up, but other bruises remain — like the chunk a thrown rock took out of her kitchen island.

Sacramento police say what happened to Pellegrino and others along Savoie Way and Westlake Parkway early Sunday morning has actually been happening all over Natomas in the last two weeks.

“Unfortunately there’s some people … they’ll just do anything to be destructive,” said Officer Traci Trapini with the Sacramento Police Department.

Some of those people broke into a home on Greg Thatch Circle, but watchful neighbors reported the incident on the “Next Door” website — starting a discussion that led to an arrest.

More than 30,000 people in the Sacramento area are on that site.

“The neighborhood started communicating and what they found out is that one of the neighbors had surveillance video of this incident or of the suspect vehicle so that quickly got reported,” Trapini said.

Thanks to that, the suspect was tracked down at hotel in West Sacramento and cuffed.

After being burglarized along with her neighbors at Christmas, again at Easter and now a third time, Lorraine Pellegrino isn’t alone in her hopes for more arrests.

“This is a very serious thing that they’ve done,” she said.

Officers still aren’t sure if all the burglaries are connected, so they’re not releasing the names of those arrested or other details about this rash of burglaries.

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