‘Strong-willed’ star athlete says devastating crash won’t stop him from going after his dreams

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ROSEVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) — A high school senior in Roseville is on the road to recovery after a devastating accident in September left him without the lower portion of his left leg. 

“The hardest part is just trying to get through it every day, like motivating myself,” said senior Jordan ‘“Jojo” Sorgman. 

Starting at the age of 3, now 17-year-old Sorgman became an elite wrestler and star athlete. 

But an inattentive driver at a busy intersection in Roseville cost Jordan a portion of his left leg. The driver ran through a red light, striking Sorgman on his motorcycle and hurling him 50 feet in the air. 

Although the road to recovery is long, Sorgman recently started physical therapy and doing home rehabilitation. 

“You don’t know when to be mad. You don’t know when to be sad,” Sorgman told FOX40. “You always think you just don’t want to not do it anymore. But you can’t just do that. You gotta keep going.” 

And that will to keep going is something family says Sorgman has always had in him. 

“He’s just so strong-willed. As a little boy, he was still very strong-willed,” said Jenna Rivas, Sorgman’s mother. “So, that has been a huge benefit because it just pushes him and pushes him.” 

“He’s never not been the strong person in our friend and in our life,” said Emma Hansard, Sorgman’s girlfriend. “So, when things hit him, he definitely has this tough shell.” 

And he’ll need that tough shell as he works his way back to wrestling and normal activities. 

“He’s had it all of his life, in wrestling, everywhere else. He would lose a wrestling match, he would just go out there and keep on fighting,” said Noah Gomez, Sorgman’s best friend. 

Sorgman’s family is raising money to get the type of prosthetic leg that will enable him to continue with sports.

“It would mean everything. I mean, when you’re an athlete, that’s all you look forward to doing,” Gomez said. “It’s your hobby. Your whole day you look forward to doing that.”

Aside from wrestling, Sorgman also does boxing, MMA, jiujitsu and football. 

“Not only is he an elite athlete but he gives so much time, of his own time, to the wrestling community,” said Jamie Gomez, Sorgman’s godmother. 

His family knows the setback won’t diminish Sorgman’s future goals. 

“I know he’s gonna do great in life. Like she said, with one leg or two, he’s just so strong,” said Mikey Rivas, Sorgman’s stepfather. 

“I’ve already come this far. Why kind of just let it just sit there and become something that stops me from a lot of things?” Sorgman said. “There’s still, like, a lot to do.” 

A GoFundMe page has been started to help pay for Sorgman’s medical expenses. If you would like to donate, click or tap here.

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