ELK GROVE, Calif. (KTXL) — A Monterey Trail High School student, who was beaten with a fire extinguisher by a classmate, has had a tough road to recovery.

A video of the incident was caught on video in August and was immediately posted to social media.

It’s a moment that Kawame Curry Junior can barely remember.

“I had just got a slushie from outside. I was getting ready to eat and I went to grab a spoon and that’s when I got hit and I couldn’t really remember anything,” Kawame Curry Junior said.

People shared the video of the attack with Kawame’s father, Kawame Curry Senior, and he had no option but to watch. It’s a painful moment every time he does.

The video shows another student knocking Curry Junior to the ground. He then strikes Curry Junior before another student steps in and kicks Curry Junior, as he lies hurt on the hallway floor.

Since then, the 15-year-old has undergone MRI scans on his brain, neck, spine, and shoulder. He has seen doctors specializing in head trauma and also goes to physical therapy twice a week.

“A lot of pain, headaches, and stuff…I’ve had like my ear ringing and stuff just a lot of throbbing in different areas,” Curry Junior said.

Doctors told Curry Senior those symptoms should have disappeared within two weeks.

“One of the main things that they’re concerned about is he’s still having that ringing in the ears and headaches which is consistent with brain trauma,” Kawame Curry Senior said.

After what happened, the security presence was increased the day after the incident.

Curry Senior disenrolled Curry Junior from Monterey Trail High School and he is now attending another school, but the journey ahead still has them on edge.

FOX40 caught up with Curry Junior who was getting ready for his first day at a new school.

His dad told FOX40 that Curry Junior had to come home early because his head was hurting from looking at the computer. He also said that the shock of the assault still haunts him.

“Just thinking of him walking into school for the first day and I just want it to be like stuff never happened. I know you can’t snap your fingers and say I wish this never happened. I know that can’t happen but you still want him to have that normal day,” Curry Senior said.

The District Attorney’s Office has declined to comment on the case because it involved juveniles.

Curry Senior said the student who attacked his son remains in custody and is now facing charges including assault with a deadly weapon. He said that the original attempted homicide charge has been dropped.

Curry Junior told FOX40 News that he believes he was attacked because of an argument earlier in the day with a classmate about his shoes.

“I know the mother has apologized to me in regards to this situation and stuff like that but its just hard… because I shouldn’t have even seen the video but the stuff still flashes in my mind,” Curry Senior said.

Community members have rallied behind Curry Junior, dropping off movie baskets and cards of support. Curry Senior made shirts stating that love is greater than hate, looking to inspire positivity amid his pain.

Curry Junior’s long-term recovery is unclear right now, but he is confident this chapter will one day be behind him.

“It didn’t change the person that I am at all…like when I’m completely recovered and everything I’m completely feeling better….everyone is going to notice that’s the type of person I am always cracking jokes playing a game with friends.”