Student’s Kill List Discovered at Yuba City High School

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Gina Buckwalter got a voicemail every parent dreads.

The message was loud and clear—someone had threatened her child and 24 others at Yuba City High School. But when she returned the phone call the information crippled her with fear.

“I was informed it was a letter, that another student wanted to kill all 25 students on his list,” said Gina Buckwalter, a parent.

FOX40 sat down with the Yuba City Unified School District to learn more about the threatening letter. They would not confirm what type of threat was made, only that the school’s response was swift.

“A young man had made what we categorized as a terrorist threat.  The young man has been suspended,” said Nancy Aaberg, superintendent of the Yuba City Unified School District.

Buckwalter says the boy is an 18-year-old senior at Yuba City High School. In a letter from the school to her ex-husband, she learned he was in custody. Police told FOX40 he was not in their custody.

He could have the beginnings of mental problems. He is in custody of the mental facility,” said Buckwalter.

Buckwalter says the students on the list were all extremely gifted, like her son Andrew, with GPAs higher than 4.0. She says the threat is keeping her son up at night.

“He told me today ‘I am done being nice to people. They just put you on a list and want to kill you.’ So he is pretty shaken up,” said Buckwalter.

Police and administrators believe this is an isolated incident and say the school is safe. The district did have extra supervision today and councilors on hand for students.


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