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VACAVILLE — It’s hard enough trying to figure out life as a middle school student – add social media into the mix, and things get even more complicated.

“Adults have made it okay to shame people online and now kids are doing it and it impacts them more at this age,” says Kim Karr, cofounder of #icanhelp.

Karr, a former teacher, was at Vaca Pena Middle School in Vacaville Tuesday talking to students about the effects of negative social media posting, and how people are not always what they seem.

8th grade student Abby Mallone says she understands the “fakeness” aspect of social media that comes with the apps and insecurity.

“They aren’t the people you want as real friends, real friends will be there for you, many people online will just tell others what you have told them,” Mallone told FOX40.

Student Noah Loehr took a different approach with social media – he deleted all his accounts.

“It wasn’t worth it, I couldn’t relate to what people were posting,” he says referencing kids taking on a different online persona.

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