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Students at UC Davis expressed their disappointment at the preliminary vote to increase UC tuition, by a committee of the UC Board of Regents, by occupying the campus administration building.

Dozens of marchers, some of whom were at the Regents meeting in San Francisco, walked through campus in a light drizzle.

“We fell lied to, deceived, held hostage. The list goes on and on,” Harley Litzelman, of the UCD Student Advocates Office, told FOX40.

This is the second night that tuition protesters occupied Mrak Hall, where administrators greeted them to lend an ear to their complaints. Kayla Pace stayed overnight along with 20 other protesters to make a point.

“To show the administrators, ‘We’re students, we’re not leaving and you’re going to have to deal with us,'” Pace said.

The occupiers talked among themselves on what steps to take next. Some talked about taking independent action and the willingness to be arrested.

They were not specific about what actions they would take.