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Finals time means the inevitable pre-test plotting: study sessions or cramming and, perhaps, a pill.

“One of my roommates had a freak-out. He was just standing in my room, standing in my doorway just staring at me because he had used a large amount of coffee and Ritalin at the same time,” Matt Pacelli, a UC Davis student from San Francisco, told FOX40.

On college campuses, Ritalin and Adderall have come to be called “study drugs.” And depending on what studies you believe, 10, 20, or perhaps even 30 percent of US college students will use these ADHD medications for something other than a diagnosis of ADHD while at school.

At UC Davis, students say it’s no secret.

“I would have no problem finding drugs, yes,” said Pacelli, who told us he doesn’t use study drugs himself.

But in a competitive world where there are only so many A’s and B’s to go around, is boosting a GPA chemically fair?

“I would consider it cheating, yes,” Audrey Matthews, a UC Davis student from Sacramento, said Thursday.