(FOX40.COM) — Gas prices may be high in California, but it’s lowest in some central counties, according to an aaa.com report

As of April 3, the national average cost of regular gas per gallon is $3.82, however, the average cost in California is higher, according to aaa.com. The average cost in California is $5.03, the report says. 

Of all places in California, here are the nine counties with the cheapest cost for gas, according to aaa.com:

Yuba: $4.74

Sutter:  $4.76

Stanislaus: $4.81

San Joaquin: $4.84

Tehama: $4.85

Butte: 4.85

Merced: $4.87

Sacramento: $4.88

Tuolumne: $4.88

In August of 2022, the average cost for gas per gallon was $5.56 according to the AAA report. For more information visit aaa.com.