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COLUSA COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) — Across the valley, almond trees were in full bloom a little earlier than normal due to the warmer conditions and dry weather.

“What has been kind of spring weather is surprising and a little detrimental,” said Leon Etchepare, from Colusa County.

It’s detrimental because Etchepare’s almond grove could be wiped away by the kind of harsh weather that’s possible later this week. Overnight temperatures starting Tuesday night will drop below freezing.

“One bad night can ruin it for the entire season,” Etchepare explained. “And in this forecast, there is a couple nights that have 22-, 23-degree possibility of lows.”

While some use helicopters to fight off the frost, Etchepare used irrigation water. But with state drought restrictions in place, getting water has been difficult.

“Water is a great use for frost protection, but we can only really frost protect down to about 26 degrees and only for two or three hours,” he told FOX40. “If it gets lower than that, we’re pretty much done.”

The unusual weather now brings uncertainty with the unexpected cold conditions.

“If we were still in bloom like we should be right now, this freezing weather isn’t nearly as detrimental as when there is little nutlets on the tree,” Etchepare said. “When there’s little nutlets on the tree, they’re full of water and that water freezes.”

The work was on to protect against frigid temperatures, with the hope something better would be around the corner.

“We all just need to pray a lot that it’s going to rain,” Etchepare said.

Experts also warn people to bring pets inside and protect their plants and pipes as best they can amid such cold weather.