Suisun City Residents Find Fake Parking Notices on April Fools’ Day

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SUISUN CITY — Suisun City Mayor Lori Wilson likes a nice chuckle but she didn’t think someone claiming to be her was all that funny.

“Multiple people are calling, ‘They have your name on it, they have the city seal on it.’ And my first thought was I was annoyed,” Wilson told FOX40.

Before Wilson could even get into her office Monday morning before her staff told her they were getting calls about a letter left on multiple cars saying parking would no longer be allowed on Shasta Street starting May 1.

That’s not the case and Wilson didn’t write it.

So local police officers went to Shasta Street to see what was going on.

“They all have the city’s seal and they have the mayor’s name on it, although it’s spelled incorrectly,” said Suisun City Police Cmdr. Daniel Healy.

There were also other misspellings, like “vechicle.”

“It’s not even spelled or worded correctly, so it is hilarious,” said Gerald Greene.

Shasta Street resident of eight years Gerald Greene did find humor in the April Fools’ Day letter. He also thought the author used April 1 to be passive aggressive, saying some of the streets older residents have not been happy the newer ones like to have people over from time to time.

“And then they see a new transition of new people coming in and they like to invite relatives over and have barbecues and watch the games, and stuff like that,” Greene told FOX40.

Mayor Wilson said she’s always happy to listen to a residents’ complaints, believing there are better ways to go about it than a poorly written and fraudulent letter — no matter what day is on the calendar.

“And you can get through that issue without having to go through city hall or even to go so far as to doing a prank. I get it, it’s April Fools’ Day,” she said.


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