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Students at Summerville High School returned to class Monday just days after police uncovered a chilling plot.

There was clearly some extra caution on campus as students came back for the first time since some of their classmates were arrested on Friday.

Some students said they were concerned for their safety coming back on Monday morning, others said they didn’t believe that there was a credible threat.

Last Friday, four students were arrested. Investigators believe they were going shoot up the campus. Other students overheard them talking about it earlier in the week.

Investigators say they already had a list of potential targets were and how to get guns.

Not every student was overly concerned.

“I was a little concerned, but I believe that our school has this under control. I’ve always felt safe here. I didn’t even know there was a threat when there was a threat until afterward when they called us  ,” student Gaby Icardo said.

And while there were counselors on hand to answer any questions or concerns students may have, there weren’t any extra patrols. The sheriff’s department said the threat had come and gone and they felt that everything was safe and back to normal at the high school.