Surprise! Some in Elk Grove Randomly Gifted $100

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ELK GROVE -- After a weekend filled with devastating news, one anonymous group in Elk Grove is hoping to lift some spirits.

They're handing out envelopes -- each containing a $100 bill.

Tonya Maciel says she wasn't expecting visitors on Sunday when her doorbell rang. She half expected to see trick-or-treaters at her door. Instead, she found a man and a woman, both well-dressed.

“They were probably dressed like they’re going to church. Early 50s, maybe late 40s," Maciel said. "And they just said to me, 'We were driving around the neighborhood and we were compelled to stop in front of your house,' and they handed me this envelope and I didn’t open it outside, I waited until I got inside. But they said, 'God bless you, have a nice day,' and they walked away."

Inside that envelope was a crisp $100 bill. As far as she could tell, Maciel was the only recipient on her street.

The money also does not appear to be counterfeit.

"And then I saw that thing on Facebook," she said.

Maciel says the Elk Grove Neighborhood Watch group had posts from other people who had the same thing happen. One person said two women approached them at Elk Grove Regional Park and said, "God wants to bless you with some money."

Later Monday, the owner of S.E.A. Hut restaurant told FOX40 he found five envelopes, each with a $100 bill in them.

"I want to say thank you so much," said the restaurant's owner, Da Ouch. "It was much needed and appreciated and thank you."

“I think it’s great. I mean, if somebody is just out doing something out of the greatness of their heart," Rick Gatejen, who lives near the park, told FOX40. "Everyone can use a little cheering up once in a while."

Another post claims the money is from a church that wants to remain anonymous.

"It’s nice to see that there’s still good people in the world that will do something for someone else," Maciel said.

Maciel says she plans to spend the money on her three sons' Halloween costumes.

"I would like to say thank you to whoever it was," she said. "It was a nice gesture."

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