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RANCHO CORDOVA — Sheriff’s detectives are looking for three men who stole an ATM from a Rancho Cordova gas station early Thursday morning and dramatic surveillance footage reveals how it all played out.

Just after 4 a.m., the driver of a red pickup rammed into the glass storefront of a Chevron gas station on Folsom Boulevard.

Surveillance video shows one man in a ski mask push his way through the glass to get into the mini-mart and then strap some sort of cable or tie-down around the ATM.

Just moments later, the driver punches the gas and the ATM jolts through what was left of the glass.

Another camera pointed toward the parking lot shows three men loading the machine into the bed of the truck before speeding off.

The incident happened in a matter of around a minute but it caused extensive damage to the store entrance.

Hours after the thieves took off with the ATM, there was still plenty of evidence of the crime that took place. There was glass scattered across the pavement, bricks falling off the front of the building and part of the ATM still on the sidewalk.

The owner tells says no one was inside the store when the burglary happened and no one was hurt.

As the store owner starts the process to clean up the mess, detectives are in the early stages of their investigation. They believe this wasn’t the burglars’ first stop.

“They did do this at another location here in Rancho Cordova also this morning but were unsuccessful in actually getting the ATM out,” said Sgt. Shaun Hampton, Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department.

Officials say crimes like this don’t happen very often in Rancho Cordova and they’re asking anyone who might know something about the bold thieves to get in touch with them.

“We might be looking for a stolen vehicle or someone who may have been driving a vehicle that matches this description with some damage to the front or rear end,” Hampton explained.