Suspect Arrested for Ramming Cars, Pedestrian & Leading Police Chase

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Farren Deshawn Green, 30 Courtesy: Stockton Police Dept
Farren Deshawn Green, 30
Stockton Police Dept


Stockton police put a man behind bars after a reckless night of ramming cars, hitting a pedestrian and leading police on a chase from north to south Stockton.

It all started around 10:30 p.m. Saturday on El Dorado Street.

Stockton Police say Green intentionally struck another car, blew a kiss at the woman behind the wheel and took off.

Cops say the woman who was hit followed Green in her car and called 911.

Next police say the suspect deliberately hit a woman walking along the street. She was knocked up onto the hold of his car, then officers say when she fell off, he cursed at her and hit her again.

Next, Green took off again, pulling into the parking lot of a Red Lobster on March Lane. That’s where officers say he slammed his vehicle into several parked cars.

Police and people who heard about the story call the suspect’s behavior strange and scary.

“I think that’s kinda crazy. That could be anybody; that could be my mother that was hit,” said Stockton resident, Renee Alexander.

“Obviously last night he was very violent and acted very bizarre – I mean who in their right mind would strike several cars cars and a person,” said Stockton Police Spokesperson Joe Silva.

After a ten mile chase, cops finally cornered Green and arrested him on a residential street in South Stockton.

“Once they were given the authorization to use legal intervention – meaning using a police car to strike the suspect vehicle so that the vehicle could stop safely – that’s what they did and they were able to get out of the vehicle and take the suspect into custody,” Silva said.

Green is booked on multiple felony counts of assault with a deadly weapon, vandalism and driving under the influence.

“I hope he stays in jail and serves his time for something so horrible and I hope the people that were hurt are okay,” said Alexander.

Stockton Police say the women who were struck are expected to recover.

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