Suspect in Decades-Old Rape Cases Makes First Court Appearance in Sacramento

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SACRAMENTO — A rape suspect arrested through DNA technology after 27 years will stay in a Sacramento jail without bail for now.

Mark Manteufell was extradited from Georgia after his arrest last week and will now face multiple sexual assault charges.

Manteufell’s case is one of several high-profile unsolved crimes involving DNA traced through relatives.

Today’s appearance is the first in what may be a long series of court proceedings for Manteufell.

A number of people came to the arraignment proceedings, declining to say how they were connected to Manteuffel.

He was a Sacramento resident and criminal justice lecturer at Sac State during the early 90’s.

That’s when the brutal rapes of two Sacramento women and a Davis student happened.

Manteuffel is charged with seven counts of rape with a pile of enhancements.

Investigators had no suspect at the time, just DNA evidence which they preserved over the years.

His public defender told the court that he is expected to hire his own attorney.

Manteuffel’s $750,000 bail was reset to no bail by agreement from both sides, although the defense is expected ask for a bail hearing later on.

Attorney and legal analyst, Mark Reichel, says it makes sense to delay a bail hearing, given that that Manteuffel hasn’t lived in the area for years.

“Are they flight risk? Well, what do we know about him? The lawyer who just met him needs to get the facts together, it really is a waste of time so I’m sure he’s going to try  to find a local lawyer to get some actual facts and some proof and then they’ll argue about bail,” Reichel said.

Trying to find people who will vouch for him may be an uphill battle given the crimes.

“This is unique, you’ve got several victims, they’re heinous allegations, and he’s been away for a while and no one locally knows much about him,” Reichel stated.

A number of people in the audience who are connected to the case in some way left through the judge’s chambers to avoid the media.

Manteuffel’s next appearance will be on July 26th.

One person who came to the court appearance told FOX40 he was one of the investigators of rape crimes from the 1990’s.

He said those brutal unsolved rapes have always bothered him and he’s glad that there has now been an arrest made.


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