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As a flight officer and paramedic for the California Highway Patrol’s Golden Gate Division, every day is a new adventure for Richard Jones — and Monday was no exception.

Jones was on a helicopter when his crew began assisting officers on the ground who were in pursuit of a suspect in a stolen car from Sacramento.

Once the chase reached Vacaville, the helicopter’s camera captured the moment things intensified. Officer Jones can be heard on the video.

“It’s gonna be a foot bail, driver’s out now,” he says in the video.

As the driver crosses Interstate 505, he ditches his car and runs into a trucking facility.

“We saw that he still wasn’t gonna go easily and was resisting the officers,” Jones told FOX40.

The CHP landed the helicopter right here and Jones ran in to help take down the suspect.

“At that point, you just get in where you can to help out, whether it’s holding a leg or holding an arm,” Jones said. “In that case, I held his arm in order and allowed them to be able to place the handcuffs.”

Photos show Jones and two other officers with suspect Albert Aranda handcuffed on the ground.

Aranda, 38, was booked into Sacramento County Jail after the 35-mile chase.

Jones says it’s not something they do every day, but it’s something they train for.

“We’re always trained and ready for this kind of stuff,” Jones said.