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SACRAMENTO — A Sacramento home was damaged Tuesday when a pursuit suspect smashed into it.

Before a loud crash abruptly disturbed a peaceful night on Wayland Avenue, Arden-Arcade neighbors told FOX40 they heard sirens and the sounds of a high-speed pursuit.

“I was watching the baseball game and he came down the street, firing down the street,” a neighbor told FOX40. “I went in and told my wife. I came back out, I hear the sirens coming around again and by the time I got back again, I heard the boom and same car.”

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office confirms prior to the crash, gang units were pursuing the car, which was believed to have been stolen.

“And they ended up here in my house,” said homeowner Duane Foster.

Foster said this is the second time a pursuit has ended in a crash on his property. The first time the driver slammed into his car in the driveway.

“Now the car has taken out the side of my house,” he explained.

Foster was not home at the time of the impact.

“My son was but he works afternoons, he was sleeping. Didn’t even phase him, slept through the whole thing,” Foster said.

Inside the home next door, children were playing just a few yards away from the impact. Neighbors expressed great relief that none of them were hurt and the suspect was in custody.

“It was really loud but I’m glad they got him. It’s kind of scary,” a neighbor told FOX40.

Foster said he’s not going to let any of this impact his positive attitude.

“That’s it, a little structural damage. It’ll probably be fixed in a week,” he said. “Nothing you can do about it. I have a good insurance company.”

The sheriff’s office has not released any details about the chase or the incidents leading up to it.