Suspected drunken driver’s illegal lights and siren draw officers’ attention, police say

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LODI, Calif. (KTXL) — Lodi police say it was the flashing lights and the sound of a siren that drew their attention to a suspected drunken driver. 

“We noticed he had a white and amber flashing lights on the top of his car,” Detective Michael Hitchcock told FOX40. “Got behind his car and were able to pull him over.” 

On Thursday night, Hitchcock says he and another detective with the department came across the truck because of the illegal lights and siren. 

Police say behind the wheel of the Dodge pickup truck on East Lockeford Street was a man with the same name that was on truck itself — 52-year-old Rui Martins of Rui Martins Landscaping. 

When detectives pulled him over, they asked him why he was illegally blaring a siren with lights. 

“He said that he had the lights and siren in his car because he ran a landscaping company and to bring attention to his car if he was parked on the side road,” Hitchcock said.

Hitchcock says he immediately noticed that Martins was drunk and not just barely over the limit. Police say Martins tested four times over the legal limit. 

“Yeah, we were surprised that he was able to drive as well as he was,” Hitchcock said. 

But if not for the lights and siren, police say Martins wouldn’t have caught their attention, meaning he could have remained a risk to the public. 

“We didn’t have any other type of observation that he was driving poorly. If we wouldn’t have noticed that, then, I don’t think that our attention would have been drawn to him at all,” Hitchcock said. 

Police say this is now a felony charge of DUI for Martins because he has had previous DUI arrests. 

They also want to hear from the public to see if Martins has attempted to impersonate an officer with his lights and sirens previously. 


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