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Three suspected thieves were caught on camera stealing thousands of dollars worth of electronics from Lakeview Assembly Church in Stockton.

From the ceilings to the outside walls, a security installer is hard at work drilling in a new alarm system for Lakeview Assembly Church in Stockton.

This is just days after Pastor Danny Goodin said three men broke in and stole thousands of dollars worth of electronics.

“This is off-limits. This is in a way a sacred place, it’s a refuge for people,” the pastor said.

Goodin said despite friendly signs that warn intruders that they will be caught on camera, thieves were filmed hauling off electronics at midnight last Tuesday — everything from televisions to sound systems.

One man also helped himself to a box of crackers, another — a baseball hat.

Goodin said the microphones and speakers they stole forced the church to host services the old-fashioned way.

“Since that took place, we’ve had several services, and we’ve had to modify the way we do our ministry, ” he said. “Old school works well, too. So we were able to adapt and that part worked out fine.”

Although the break-in initially upset Goodin, he hopes now that the new motion detectors, cameras and all the bells and whistles of a new more secure church will help those in the wrong direction head toward a better path.

“Most people, if they want to get in, they’ll get in, but at least this will cause a distraction or a deterrent for them to go further,” he said.

If you recognize any of the men caught on camera please contact Stockton CrimeStoppers or the police department.