Suspected Vandal Targets Lavender District Businesses

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MIDTOWN SACRAMENTO — On the eve of a weekend that’s designed to celebrate wholeness, several businesses in Sacramento’s Lavender District were vandalized.

Burglary alarms started going off at the two bars Jonathan Cameron manages around 4 a.m. Thursday.

“All of a sudden, as I’m getting ready to go into The Depot to turn off the alarm, I hear a big boom and that’s when I realized,” Cameron, the manager of The Depot and Badlands, told FOX40.

Windows were broken at The Depot, Badlands, LowBrau and Mango’s all around the same time.

Police say 48-year-old Wesley White went on a destructive spree in Sacramento’s LGBTQ-friendly Lavender District. Booking documents indicate it ended with him assaulting two of the officers who tried to take him into custody.

“He was acting strange. He was medically cleared at a hospital and was arrested for public intoxication, among other charges,” said Sacramento Police Officer Chad Lewis.

According to Cameron, White is a homeless man who’s taken aim at the district before.

“So last year, as some of us were actually in the bar, the same gentleman, because we actually recognized him, threw a brick into this window and shattered it,” he explained.

This year, Cameron claimed White’s tirade turned religious. He said White referred to Jesus during Thursday morning’s events.

“That was part of the conversation we had after I was screaming at him,” Cameron said.

Some said the fact that another round of vandalism has happened in the same place, allegedly done by the same person and in the lead up to Sacramento Pride, speaks for itself and believe it was a hate crime.

“I don’t know if it’s necessarily a hate crime,” Cameron said. “One, he’s been in this area before. We recognize him.”

Police say at this time, they have no indication that the incidents were a hate crime.


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