SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Paul Gregorio and Xuan Nguyen are behind bars after the Attorney General’s office said they were running brothels in Sacramento and Placer counties.

According to the AG’S office, Gregorio and Nguyen were the masterminds behind a prostitution ring involving seven women between April 2020 and May 2022.

Records show Gregorio and Nguyen lived out of a home in Sacramento, but it’s unclear how they were running the brothels.

During the arrest, special agents also seized nearly $55,000 out of the home.

On Friday afternoon, the couple faced a judge for the first time. Both of them were charged with eight counts of pandering.

The appearance was just an arraignment, and it went by very quickly.

Gregorio only addressed the judge when asked about his name. Meanwhile, Nguyen seemed confused and concerned and even asked court staff if she could have money to call home to check in on her infant child.

Through all of it, Kaitlyn DiCicco with 3Strands Global Foundation, a nonprofit aimed at helping trafficking survivors, said she’s there to help those affected in this case.

“Helping people get connected to jobs, addressing economic insecurity, hopefully meeting their basic needs so they’re not put back in a place where they might be re-victimized,” DiCicco said.