SUTTER COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) — The Sutter County Sheriff’s Office said two people were arrested and 63 animals were seized on the suspicion of animal cruelty and neglect at a home in Pleasant Grove. 

The sheriff’s office said a search and seizure warrant was executed at a residence Tuesday on Sankey Road nearby the intersection of Pleasant Grove Road. 

Pleasant Grove residents Lynette Kim Countryman-Dunivan, 50, and Chad Damon Dunivan, 51, were arrested on the suspicion of numerous felony charges including animal abuse. 

According to the sheriff’s office, out of the 63 animals that were seized, 39 of them included dogs, 13 were horses, seven cats and four exotic birds. Sutter Animal Services Authority and the county’s code enforcement agency help sized the animals with the sheriff’s office. 

The sheriff’s office said the animals were taken due to a lack of proper shelter, nourishment and veterinary care. 

“The combined efforts of all parties involved was not only motivating but inspiring,” Megan Anderson, Manager of the Sutter Animals Services Authority said. “So much can be accomplished when everyone works together.”

The sheriff’s office said the investigation is ongoing and it’s possible Countryman-Dunivan and Dunivan could face more charges. 

“Thank you community members for coming forward with the information provided to help us obtain the search warrant,” Sutter County Sheriff Brandon Barnes said in a statement. “This collaborative effort with the community and Sutter Animal Services Authority was key to saving all the animals seized.”