(KTXL) — The Sutter County Sheriff’s Office lifted a Jan. 8 evacuation warning on Wednesday, but residents are now dealing with a power shutoff connected to the recent storms and flooding.

Video Above: Floodwaters leave behind potholes, road damage

Residents in the area of Lovey’s Landing were evacuated and had their power shut off as potential flooding from the Sacramento River threatened the area’s power source.

“While the weather reports are projecting no rain beginning on Wednesday, we ask community members continue to remain aware—and prepared—should there be any sudden changes in weather,” the sheriff’s office wrote in a news release.

If water levels rise again, power will be shut off and another evacuation order will be implemented, according to the sheriff’s office.

On Monday, the Sutter County Office of Emergency Management said that the Tisdale, Colusa and Moulton Weir have been sending flood water from the Sacramento River through the Sutter Bypass to the Feather River.

Uprooted trees have collected at the Tisdale Weir blocking the water from being able to flow over into the Sutter Bypass.

In the southeastern portion of the county, the Auburn Ravine broke a portion of its banks near Pleasant Grove, threatening the nearby Pleasant Grove Elementary School.

“Last week, the north bank of the Auburn Ravine began sloughing, and the Office of Emergency Management contacted the California Office of Emergency Services to request assistance,” Sutter County wrote in a news release.

With help from the California Conservation Corps, 2,000 sandbags were placed along a damaged section of the creek’s bank to hold down several feet of thick plastic tarps.

Sutter County’s western boundary is mostly defined by the Sacramento River and the Feather River shapes much of the county’s eastern boundary before it cuts left and merges with the Sacramento.