(FOX40.COM) — Workers at a Starbucks in Yuba City voted to unionize Friday, according to filings with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

Of the 25 vote-eligible employees at the store, located near the intersection of Highway 20 and Stabler Lane, 12 voted in favor of joining Workers United and 5 voted against.

“We’re extremely proud of and inspired by the solidarity with workers across the country, and hopeful that Starbucks back up to their core values and bargain with the union for fair conditions for all baristas,” said JJ Dizon, who has worked at the Yuba City location for 7 years.

Workers United says the Yuba City store is the 13th store in California to unionize since efforts to unionize the Seattle-based coffee giant began nearly two years ago.

“We’re encouraged by the progress we’ve seen toward first contracts at stores where union representatives have approached bargaining with professionalism and an actual interest in discussing partner priorities with our bargaining committees,” Starbucks said in response to the vote.

“While we continue to believe we can do more to elevate the partner experience at Starbucks by working shoulder-to-shoulder than across a negotiating table, we respect our partners decision at our Hwy 20 & Tharp store in Yuba City to elect union representation.”

Federal authorities have repeatedly found that Starbucks has violated federal law including a recent decision by Administrative Law Judge Mara-Louise Anzalone which determined that Starbucks illegally offered pay raises to only non-union stores.

Starbucks said it plans to appeal the decision.